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What is My Ministry's Role in Protecting Religious Freedom?

Religious freedom is critical to you living out the mission of your ministry. It’s how we live out our missions with purpose, conviction, and integrity.

Unfortunately, when a case for religious freedom is lost – or no one shows up to stand for their rights – the negative impact can trickle down to many other ministries.

The opposite is also possible. When people of faith stand up for their rights, they often can and do win.

Along with receiving their own legal preparation and advocacy, ADF Ministry Alliance members make it possible for others to stand for religious freedom.

Pricing for Your Ministry

ADF Ministry Alliance membership makes religious freedom preparation and protection affordable.

The price of an ADF Ministry Alliance membership is based on your ministry's annual revenue. Membership is a yearly agreement.

Your ministry won’t be charged an hourly rate for contacting ADF attorneys, and it won't be expected to pay an additional fee should we need to litigate a religious liberty case. The annual membership fee covers all help we provide to our members. That way, we can help your ministry and others whenever you need us.

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Revenue up to $500k


Over $500k up to $1M


Over $1M up to $3M


Over 3M up to $5M


Over $5M up to $7M


Over $7M up to $10M


Over $10M up to $15M


Over $15M up to $20M


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Revenue over $20M


Working Toward Generational Wins

Each generation must work for its own freedom. We must continue to advocate so we can maintain our liberties and recover lost ground. We must cultivate freedom, and the generation after us will have to do the same.

Together, we lay the foundation, so the Gospel work you do can have an even greater impact when our children and grandchildren take up the mantle.

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