April 15, 2021

An Alarming Biden Rule Could Mean Opposite-Sex Roommates in College Dorms

Sarah Kramer
Higher Education

The summer of 2009, my mom and I set out on a road trip from Texas to Michigan with our car bursting at the seams. We drove two days before arriving in Hillsdale, Michigan, where I would start my freshman year of college.

My mom helped move all my stuff into my dorm room, unpack it, and make it feel like home. We met my roommate and her family, said our tearful goodbyes, and she started the trek back to Texas.

And while the goodbyes were difficult, both my mom and I had peace of mind having seen where I would be living and meeting my roommate.

But can you imagine how we would’ve been feeling if we had met my roommate and discovered that I would be living with a biological male?

As a parent now myself, I would not feel comfortable leaving my child in that situation. Would you?

Yet, that is more likely than ever before under the Biden administration.

When President Joe Biden took office, he directed the federal government to reinterpret the Fair Housing Act (FHA)—which has long prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex—by redefining “sex” to mean “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” In practice, one of the many implications of this change is that colleges and universities nationwide, including faith-based institutions, would be forced to open girls’ dorms to male students. And not just open up residence halls by floor, but to place males in girls’ dorms as roommates and to allow them to use communal bathrooms and showers.

This is clear government overreach. After all, government officials are bound by the law—and forcing religious colleges to allow male students to live in girls’ dorms clearly violates the law.

Understandably, this didn’t sit right with the College of the Ozarks. And today Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit on its behalf.

The College of the Ozarks is a religious school in Missouri that aims to provide a Christian education. The Christian faith is an integral part of how the school operates. The school’s vision is to develop citizens of Christ-like character who are well-educated, hard-working, and patriotic.

And, as a Christian institution, the College of the Ozarks holds to the belief that biological sex isn’t changeable. It operates its student housing accordingly.

But under this new rule pushed forward by President Biden, the College of the Ozarks will be threatened with ruinous fines, damages, and even criminal penalties if it continues to operate consistently with its beliefs.

Let me say that again: A Christian college will be punished for operating its student housing consistently with its Christian beliefs.

The government is clearly overstepping its boundaries here. After all, our Constitution does protect the right of faith-based institutions to operate according to their beliefs. On top of that, it protects our freedom by separating power and limiting government. And when the government oversteps, as they have in this case, you can be sure that ADF will stand for freedom.

The bottom line is that college women (or any woman for that matter!) should not be forced to share private spaces—including showers and dorm rooms—with males.

This is common sense.

And the College of the Ozarks is taking a stand to say: The government doesn’t belong in our dorm rooms.


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