20 States, a Christian School Association, and 3 Athletes Taking a Stand to Save Women’s Sports

October 15, 2021


Sarah Kramer

October 15, 2021

20 States, a Christian School Association, and 3 Athletes Taking a Stand to Save Women’s Sports

Sarah Kramer

It seems the Biden administration is demanding conformity to its ideological agenda at all costs. And when it comes to its radical plan to change the meaning of “sex” in federal law, it's female athletes who will pay a heavy toll.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits “discrimination on the basis of sex,” was passed to provide women and girls with equal opportunities in education and athletics. Since its passage, it has done just that.

But earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Education issued a guidance document that reinterprets “sex” in Title IX to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Among other things, this guidance requires schools to allow males who identify as female to participate on female athletic teams and use female-designated showers and locker rooms.

This is a giant step back for women’s rights.

Thankfully, not everyone is willing to fall in line. In August, 20 state attorneys general filed a lawsuit against the Department of Education. And on October 4, Alliance Defending Freedom filed a motion to intervene in this lawsuit on behalf of the Association of Christian Schools International and three female athletes from Arkansas.

“Girls deserve to compete on a level playing field, and states, schools, and individuals across America are rightly stepping up to safeguard equal athletic opportunity and safety for female students,” said ADF Senior Counsel Ryan Bangert. “Our Constitution protects against this gross overreach of executive power, and the athletes and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) that Alliance Defending Freedom represent are committed to protecting safe and fair opportunities for female athletes.”

We’ve already seen how policies like this play out. Allowing male athletes to compete with girls and women results in female athletes losing out on championship titles as well as opportunities to advance to the next level of competition and compete in front of college scouts.

Just ask athletes in Connecticut, Idaho, and West Virginia. The Department of Education’s guidance would only take these devastating consequences nationwide—completely contradicting the original purpose of Title IX.

Science and common sense tell us that males are generally bigger, faster, and stronger than females. They have larger hearts and lungs, denser bones, and stronger muscles. No amount of testosterone suppression can eliminate all those advantages.

The reality is that men and women are different, and those differences matter. When we ignore this biological reality, it is most often women and girls who suffer the consequences. Those consequences reach beyond just the playing field and affect more than just championships. In women’s shelters, public schools, dormitories, and even prisons, the safety and privacy of women are being compromised.

And that was not something these states, ACSI, or the three Arkansas female athletes were willing to let happen.

After all, science and common sense should not be sacrificed for the sake of an ideological agenda.


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