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"ADF leads the way, challenge after legal challenge, uniting our organization with other ministries from across the country to help strengthen religious freedom. We have no other partner so vital to the work we do. We are grateful for them, and encourage every Christian ministry that holds to biblical standards to join with ADF and help support them financially. When there’s a need — and there are plenty — they stand in the gap and support our Christian communities."

Is your school prepared?

Does your school desire to handle cultural changes in a tactful, biblical, and lawful way?

Do your governing documents and policies provide legal protections for your school?

Are you confident that your school is prepared for changing local, state, and federal laws?

Are you concerned about how sexual orientation and gender identity laws may impact the biblical foundations of your school?

Is your school ready to navigate changing nondiscrimination laws – in admissions and employment?

Christian schools are vital for passing on the faith to the next generation. The future leaders of our faith are in classrooms across the country, and they receive critical biblical foundations within these institutions. But our schools are often under close scrutiny, and leading a school in this changing time is becoming an increasingly daunting task.

Local, state, and federal laws are intruding on the way Christian schools operate. For example, the admissions and employment functions of your school are core to your religious identity, but they are being questioned, and in some cases challenged, by governments.

Without proper advice and safeguards in place, schools have mounting legal burdens relating to many aspects of the law: government grants, facility use, government regulations, volunteer requirements, tax exemption, and more. These legal burdens often distract from the core mission of the school and hinder your ministry.

Principals, headmasters, and superintendents shouldn’t have to carry the new legal burden that comes with the changing culture. But few schools have the resources for regular legal consultations or to respond if a legal challenge presents itself. The preparation and protection that schools need is often too costly to afford.

The risks of not being prepared are even higher. Critical governance documentation may be incomplete or need to be updated. Schools may be unsure how to handle issues that they should have the freedom to address. And if a religious freedom lawsuit comes their way, they often don’t know where to turn. Without legal help, schools may, even unknowingly, surrender many of their First Amendment rights that are central to maintaining their heritage and teaching the next generation of Christian leaders.

Alliance Defending Freedom has been on the forefront of legal issues impacting the religious freedom of businesses, churches, schools, and nonprofits for 25 years. We have seen the changes in our culture lead to legal challenges that threaten the ability of Christians to freely live and share the Gospel.

That is why Alliance Defending Freedom launched ADF Ministry Alliance – to provide schools and other ministries with the legal help that they need to freely minister. We hope your school will join us in ADF Ministry Alliance membership, so that you can have the preparation and protection you need without the traditionally high cost of robust legal support.

As a member, your school can help to keep the legal doors open for the Gospel.

Alliance Defending Freedom

The largest religious liberty legal organization in the world, Alliance Defending Freedom has been advocating for religious freedom, sanctity of life, and marriage and family since 1994. Alliance Defending Freedom recognized the increasing legal issues facing ministries, and launched ADF Ministry Alliance to serve these nonprofit organizations and keep the doors open for the Gospel.

A part of the ADF Ministry Alliance
ADF has won nearly 80% of our cases
At the U.S. Supreme Court since 2011

Member Benefits

Virtually all-inclusive religious freedom help for your ministry, whenever you need it, for a flat annual fee based on your ministry’s annual revenue.

We review your ministry’s documents – constitution, bylaws, policies, and more (even if they are incomplete) – and help you make changes to protect your religious freedom.

We are available to you as advisors, so you can reach out to ADF attorneys whenever you have legal questions.

We keep you informed, so you know the trending legal issues ministries are facing across the country.

If necessary, we can represent your ministry – free of additional charge – in a case involving your ministry’s religious freedom.

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