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Is your food pantry legally prepared?

  • What would you do if an employee purposefully stopped abiding by biblical teachings?
  • Are you aware of strings attached to government funding - asking ministries to alter their beliefs?
  • Are your ministry's documents and policies written in ways that account for religious freedom protections in the law?
  • How is your ministry preparing for gender identity and sexual orientation issues - arising from guests, employees, volunteers, and more? 
  • Do you have a trusted legal partner who can guide you in the midst of today’s religious freedom threats?

As the culture continues to change, ministries are being challenged for their religious beliefs in unprecedented ways. We’ve seen ministries encounter legal threats that were unimaginable a decade ago.

With new cultural ideas of how religion should – or more often should not – be publicly lived out, ministries have suffered. Your motivations for ministry have become questionable in a culture that is less religious and often views Christianity with hostility.

Without proper advice and safeguards in place, ministries face mounting legal burdens in many areas: facility use, government regulations, access to public property and grants, employment, tax exemption issues, and more. These burdens can distract you from the core mission of your ministry, threatening how you minister.

The risks of not being prepared are high. Critical governance documentation may be incomplete or need to be updated. Ministries may be unsure how to handle issues, or feel as though they are prohibited from addressing issues they actually are free to address. Without legal help, food pantry ministries may, even unknowingly, surrender many of their First Amendment rights that are central to their existence.

ADF Ministry Alliance provides Christian nonprofits with the religious liberty help they need – whenever they need it. That way, ministries can continue to live out their missions and impact the world in Jesus’ name.

Membership in ADF Ministry Alliance helps you prepare and protect your ministry, without the traditionally high cost of robust legal consultation and support. We invite your ministry to apply for membership today.

Don’t put your ministry at risk by facing legal issues alone

Become a member • Get a legal advocate • Protect your ministry


What ADF Ministry Alliance Members Can Experience:

✔ A unifying partnership committed to freedom for food pantries.

✔ Thorough documents that can serve as positive evidence in the courtroom.

✔ Increased understanding of legal challenges faced by Christian ministries.

✔ Peace of mind when confronting religious freedom legal issues or media inquiries.

✔ A strong ally in the courts, protecting your religious freedom.

ADF Ministry Alliance Benefits

To Prepare Ministries for the Changing Culture

Document Review

We review your ministry’s governing documents, policies, employment documents and more. Then we recommend changes and best practices tailored to protect religious liberty.

Access to Attorneys

Reach out to our attorneys whenever you have legal questions about your ministry’s religious liberty. If you don’t know whether your question constitutes a legal issue, or even it has religious freedom implications, you still have access – and our attorneys can help guide your next steps.  

Legal Representation

Ensure ministries like yours have the legal representation needed for a religious freedom issue. We can help your ministry with these legal matters –including litigation – at no additional cost.

Ministry Support

Ensure ministries have the legal representation they need by committing to membership.

Serving the body

Thorough ministry documents can serve as positive evidence in the courtroom. Additionally, members face peace of mind when confronting legal issues or changes. ADF Ministry Alliance also helps clarify how your ministry is distinctly Christian.


ADF Ministry Alliance
An Initiative of Alliance Defending Freedom

ADF works with more than 3,700 Allied Attorneys
ADF has won nearly 80% of our cases
ADF has played a role in 64 U.S. Supreme Court Victories

Pricing for Your Ministry

ADF Ministry Alliance membership makes religious freedom preparation and protection affordable. 

The price of an ADF Ministry Alliance membership is based your ministry's annual revenue. Membership is a yearly agreement. 

Your ministry won’t be charged an hourly rate for contacting ADF attorneys, and it won't be expected to pay an additional fee should we need to litigate a religious liberty case. The annual membership fee covers all help we provide to our members. That way, we can help your ministry and others whenever you need us.

Annual Revenue

Annual Membership Fee

Up to $10M

Over $10M up to $15M

Over $15M up to $20M

Over $20M




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Q:  Why does pricing for institutions of higher education differ from the pricing for other ministry types?

A:  Institutions of higher education experience greater complexity and diversity of religious freedom legal issues than do other ministry types. As a result, ADF attorneys have to devote considerably more time to ensure your institution is legally prepared, to the greatest extent possible, for the religious freedom threats it could face.

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