a Faith leader's promise to america's parents

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Why do we need the Promise to America’s Parents?

Local, state, and federal government policies are imposing ideologies that divide children by race and promote the falsehood that a boy can become a girl or vice-versa. Some schools are treating children as if they are the opposite sex without the permission of parents. Medical professionals are performing harmful experiments on children who are emotionally distressed about their bodies. To protect children, parents need laws that respect and protect their rights.

A Faith Leader’s Promise to America’s Parents

Proverbs 22:6 reminds us that God has entrusted parents with the important task of raising and educating their children. The Bible instructs parents to guide and train their children in a way that aligns with God's teachings, so that even as they grow older, they will not stray from it. This is a sacred responsibility that should not be hindered by undue government interference.

However, in recent times, we have seen a growing threat to parental rights, particularly in public education. As a faith leader, it is important to support and empower the parents in your congregation by equipping them with knowledge of God's expectations for parents, as well as their legal rights to make informed decisions about their children's education, health, and upbringing.

By signing this promise, you are committing to stand with and advocate for the parents in your community, and to defend their God-given responsibility to love and care for their children.


Every mother or father may hold the government accountable for infringing on their rights to care for their child.


Every mother or father has the responsibility and right to choose the education and medical care that they deem best for their child.


Every mother or father has the right to know about what their child is learning, their child’s health, and any harms to them.

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Pastoral Primer: Gender Identity, God’s Design, and Walking in Newness of Life

There’s a lot of talk about gender identity these days. We innately long to feel at home in our skin and to be comfortable with who we are. But where should humanity look to find its true identity? In union with Christ. This tool was designed to help pastors convey that message to their congregations.

Gender Ideology Resource Collection

Gender confusion continues to sweep across the nation. To help ministry leaders and parents navigate this concerning issue, we've curated a collection of books, videos, articles, and more from respected experts in this field.

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10 Best Practices to Prepare Your Ministry for Religious Freedom Legal Challenges

Threats to your ministry’s ability to carry out its religious mission are on the rise. This easy-to-understand legal guide describes practical steps you can take today to prepare your ministry, so you can approach religious freedom legal issues with confidence.

Get your free Parents’ Toolkit on Critical Theory

Download ADF’s free Parents’ Toolkit on Critical Theory today and equip yourself to defend your rights and learn how Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, Transgender Ideology, and Comprehensive Sexual Education threaten your child. Get practical tips on how to engage policymakers and school boards to hold them accountable



Church & Culture Webinar: Equipping the Parents in Your Congregation With a Biblical View of Gender

The rapid embrace of radical ideas surrounding gender identity ideology is seemingly everywhere we turn. It is even infiltrating the public school system as activists seek to strip away the rights of parents to direct the upbringing of their children. Parents in your congregation and community are looking for answers to these challenging cultural problems. They need to hear from church leaders like you on the issue. We hope this webinar recording helps you feel better equipped to address gender identity issues and made you more aware of the legal and legislative matters parents are facing today.

Celebration of Promise to America’s Parents Event

The Celebration of the Promise to America's Parents will honor parents, community organizations, and lawmakers who are keeping their promises to protect the fundamental rights of parents to care for and raise their children.

Parents are Right: It’s Time to Deradicalize Public Education

Parents don’t want their children taught that they are oppressors if they have the wrong skin color. For example, many schools are now teaching young white children that they are evil simply because they are white. How is that any better than schools in the past teaching the wicked falsehood that young black children were somehow inferior because of the color of their skin? No parent wants their children immersed in this harmful ideology. But that’s not the only way these radical theories are impacting children in today’s schools.

Can Schools Keep Parents in the Dark?

The Madison Metropolitan School District, a public, taxpayer-funded education system, decided in 2018 that students of any age could take on a transgender identity with school assistance—and without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

He de-transitioned back to Walt after living as Laura for 8 years. This is his story.

For eight years, Walt Heyer lived as Laura, a transgender female, until he 'de-transitioned' back to Walt. This was a long process and journey he made with his pastor, Jeff Farrar.


Ibañez v. Albemarle County School Board

Carlos Ibanez and his wife grew up under a brutal dictatorship in Panama, and when they came to America more than 20 years ago, they felt blessed to live in a country that provided equal opportunity to all citizens, regardless of race or economic status.

However, their daughter was shown a video in her Albemarle County (Virginia) middle school class that depicted America as a place where only white people could succeed, and people like their Latina daughter could not.

As successful doctors themselves, Carlos and his wife were shocked that the school would seek to instill a sense of hopelessness, inferiority, and grievance in their child. But when they expressed their concerns, they were met with indifference and labeled as racists for objecting to a curriculum that taught children that there was a hierarchy of ethnicity.

Figliola v. Harrisonburg City Public School Board

The Harrisonburg City Public School Board in Virginia is usurping parents’ right to direct the upbringing of their children and forcing school staff to violate their religious beliefs by affirming the board’s view on gender identity. Upon a child’s request, school district policy requires staff to immediately begin using opposite-sex pronouns and forbids staff from sharing information with parents about their child’s request, instead instructing staff to mislead and deceive parents.

Abby Martinez

Abby Martinez was devastated when she lost custody of her daughter, Yaeli, to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). The reason for the custody loss was that Martinez did not fully support Yaeli's decision to "transition" to a boy. Yaeli made significant changes thinking it would make her happy, including changing her name to Andrew and taking cross-sex hormones. However, despite these changes, Yaeli still struggled with depression and, at the age of 19, tragically took her own life. Martinez believes that the DCFS's decision to take her daughter away from her played a significant role in Yaeli's death.