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Alliance Defending Freedom is on a mission to keep the legal doors open for the Gospel. Ultimately, this can only be done with God’s blessing and help. But Christian schools can play an active role in this effort too. When Christian schools know their rights and better understand the legal landscape around them, they can carry out their mission more effectively. You will find a list of free, relevant, and understandable legal resources below to help you better navigate religious freedom legal issues impacting Christian schools across the country.

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Latest School Blogs

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Learn how to better protect your school’s religious freedom and stay up to date on recent cases and issues impacting Christian schools across the country.

Latest School Videos

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Learn about current cases and issues impacting Christian schools and what your school can do to better protect its religious freedom.


Bethel Christian Academy Victory

Barred From School Choice...Because of Religion?

Calvary Road Christian School

When Politicians Try To Use Students as Political Pawns, Everyone Loses

Legal Resources

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We've created understandable legal guides to help Christian schools like yours navigate today’s most pressing legal issues involving religious freedom and how to better protect your fundamental rights.

Precedent Setting Cases

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U.S. Supreme Court cases have the potential to impact your Christian school insignificant ways. So, it’s important to keep up with recent cases at the High Court. ADF Ministry Alliance will help you stay ahead of a rapidly changing legal landscape affecting your school and countless others across the country.