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Document Review

We review your ministries’ governing documents to ensure you benefit as much as possible from the use of the religious freedom protections afforded by the law. This includes reviewing bylaws, policies, employment documents, and many others which may have religious freedom implications.


Send your documents and
policies to our team


ADF attorneys review your documents and provide customized feedback with a strategy session.


Your ministry uses the strategy session to implement revised documents and policies to help provide greater protections.

Access to Attorneys

Your ministry can receive practical and personalized religious freedom legal advice whenever you have concerns or when issues arise. This enables you to move forward with your mission, with clarity about your rights and options.


Share your questions with our legal team


ADF Attorneys consult with you and/or your leadership team


You lead your ministry with peace of mind, knowing your options

Legal Representation

If necessary, we will represent your ministry in a religious freedom legal issue. This representation comes at no additional charge to our members (pro-bono), so that your ministry can stand and defend itself if ever that day comes.

We even help our members with media response – using our in-house legal communications team – in the midst of a religious freedom issue.

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Pro-bono help

Beyond the annual membership fee, religious freedom legal help from ADF is pro-bono

Legal representation

Writing letters, providing consultations, filing lawsuits, arguing before the court and more

Communications support

We help with media because telling your story makes a difference in the court of public opinion

How Does ADF Ministry Alliance Work?

ADF Ministry Alliance is a membership initiative that partners with like-minded ministries to help prepare and protect them in religious freedom legal matters.

Because ministries of all kinds may need help at one time or another, we use membership to keep your costs low. And, since religious freedom requires protection whether or not you have a current legal issue, your investment helps support those legal fights that are occurring right now. Helping these other ministries also defends your rights.

Membership also allows us to help prepare your ministry before a legal challenge happens, and, in some cases, even prevent legal issues for your ministry.

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Scope of Services

As an ADF Ministry Alliance member, you will receive:

  • Legal review of bylaws and policies that relate to protecting your ministry’s religious liberty;
  • Direct access to attorneys to answer your questions about protecting your ministry’s religious liberty;
  • Consultation for legal issues involving your ministry’s religious liberty (prior to litigation);
  • Legal representation in cases ADF determines involve your ministry’s religious liberty (threats to religious liberty in areas such as employment, land use, tax exemption, facility usage, government mandates or unconstitutional regulation, volunteer requirements, equal access to government property or benefits); and
  • Specialized resources such as webinars and newsletters tailored to protecting the religious liberty of religious ministries.

ADF Ministry Alliance is not an insurance program and Alliance Defending Freedom is not an insurance company. ADF will typically represent ADF Ministry Alliance members in all litigation related to protecting the religious liberty of a religious ministry. However, ADF cannot guarantee legal representation in every situation and does not provide casualty payments for a lawsuit. Any legal representation undertaken by ADF is without cost to Ministry Alliance members.

Some religious ministry legal matters involve administrative tribunals such as zoning boards and tax agencies. ADF normally does not appear as legal counsel before administrative agencies or administrative tribunals. ADF will assist in finding local counsel for administrative phases of legal matters that fall within the ADF Ministry Alliance scope of services, but we cannot guarantee that local counsel representation will be free of charge.

ADF does not provide legal representation for the following:

  • Intra-ministry, inter-ministry, or denominational disputes;
  • Allegations of child abuse or criminal prosecutions unrelated to religious liberty;
  • Tax advice, tax audits or investigations that do not relate to religious liberty;
  • Start-up and filing requirements (e.g., 501(c)(3) applications, sales tax exemption applications, corporate filings);
  • Advice regarding corporate structure or general liability issues not related to religious liberty;
  • General advice regarding government contracts or grant agreements;
  • Drafting business contracts such as rental agreements or vendor contracts; or
  • International legal matters or compliance with international law.
  • Land use cases will generally only be approved if discrimination or unequal treatment is present.

ADF has the sole authority to determine whether a request for advice or representation falls within the scope of services offered.

Looking for Additional Legal Help?

If your ministry has unique religious freedom needs relating to reviewing the ways in which you operate, or you would like us to consider providing additional legal help to your ministry – other than what is stated above – please call our offices at 833-233-2556 before submitting your application.

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